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If I didn’t invent it, I’d definitely want to win it…

Psst!  Does anyone have a desire to win $30 toward Lila J. jewelry? I happen to know a way!

It goes a little something like this:

Step 1: Like Lila J. Designs on Facebook, if you don’t already.

Step 2: Share this contest with your fellow Facebookers. (It’s posted on the Lila J. Designs page to make it super handy for you.)

Step 3: Your fellow Facebookers like Lila J. Designs.

Step 4: Your fellow Facebookers submit your name here:

Step 5: You are one friend closer to getting $30 in the Lila J. shop for you AND 30% off to each of your recruits!

Read the (small amount of) fine print here:

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Wherever the wine flows like water and the clear turquoise ocean stretches as far as the eye can see…

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2014: I’m Ready!


Hard to believe it’s been a year already, right? But it’s that time again. Resolution time. Whether you announce your intentions to the world (I’ve been following a few “I will lose ___ pounds and share my progress as I go” blogs) or keep them quiet; whether you’re tackling a major life change or just trying to drop fewer F-bombs, most of us will throw out a resolution or two as the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday.

I’ve always been big on New Year’s resolutions, though admittedly no rock star when it comes to keeping many of them. But for me, sizing up my successes and failures throughout the past year is important and meaningful to me, and this year is certainly no exception.

I’m someone who wants to be better, always, at everything, but I’m not someone who wants to sacrifice the happiness and/or wellbeing of myself or others to get there. I’m someone who tries to think about the big picture as much as possible and where and how I fit into it. I’m someone who puts a lot of value in things that feel fulfilling to me and make me a better person (I call it “soul candy”). So, with that information in mind, I’m sharing a few resolutions here to get the party started early for one of my favorite celebrations of the year.

Resolution #1: And it’s a big one. I will once again embrace the “everything will work out” mentality. No more letting the small “failures” (what does that even mean, really?), setbacks, snags, or lags get in my head. Seriously. Whether or not it’s the outcome I expected or wanted, it always works out, and I have a monster support system in my amazing boyfriend, family, and friends to make sure that it does.

Resolution #2: I will write more. Anyone who’s reading this now, prepare for more. Much, much more.

Resolution #3: I will find at least two groups to join. I was part of a book club with my girlfriends when I lived in Hawaii. We’ve recently revived it via video chat given the fact that we’re now scattered from easternmost U.S. to westernmost U.S., and it’s freaking awesome. I’d like to add a face-to-face club or two to my calendar this year.

Resolution #4: For the fourth year in a row, I will use fewer plastic bags. Even more motivation now that most of the reusables are really, really cute!

And finally, Resolution #5: I will pound my last half marathon PR into the ground. Sounds fierce, right?

So there you have it. I’ve stated my intentions to the world. That means if anyone sees me getting down on life or myself more than necessary - hey, we’re all allowed our moments - or leaving the grocery store with 42 King Soopers bags draped over my arms, you have my permission to chase me down and tackle me. Be forewarned, however, I might be hard to catch. 

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"Work" Versus Work

I’ve been busting it out lately in an effort to get this “jewelry thing” off the ground.  At the end of each looooooooooooong day I’ve had this past few weeks, I sit back and realize I’m on the path to doing something that makes me feel pretty damn good.  Since I still having to do an actual job in the midst of all of this (seriously, what the hell is up with bills?!), my mind is constantly wandering to my happy jewelry place, and I realize that doing something you love is a seriously amazing thing.  So, whether I sell one piece or one million pieces over the course of this journey, I’ll be forever stoked on merely having the opportunity to give it a shot.  Thanks for checking me out, and remember: Lila J. loves you!

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Thanks to all members of the military, both past and present, and their families for making my life a hell of a lot easier! 

Thanks to all members of the military, both past and present, and their families for making my life a hell of a lot easier!